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  • Ryan Talbot

What do smart locks do?

Smart technology has created advancements that have allowed us to utilise better, more innovative ways to protect ourselves and our assets. When you leave your home for extended periods, you want to feel a sense of security, knowing that your home is well protected with the latest advancements for security features. Installing smart locks to your home or office can provide a wealth of benefits in addition to the traditional locking mechanisms without compromising your security. Here are some benefits of switching to smart locks in 2022.

Smart Locks Provide a Measure of Increased Security

Your home is secured through a Bluetooth network that is controlled by a variety of ways to access. It can be anything from setting up a PIN on the keypad to unlocking through voice recognition and commands. Technologies even include fingerprint door locks to allow only people you have given permission and scanned fingerprints too. You will need to ensure your passcodes are up to security standards for maximum security, and apps need to be regularly updated. Smart locks also remove the need to keep spare keys on the grounds, either hidden under a mat or in a fake rock that burglars may find.

Get Alerts When Your Doors are Accessed

Most smart locks include integrated notifications to let you know when your doors are opened and close directly to your smartphone so you can know when people are entering your home. It’s a great feature when you have friends come to check on pets or your home or when you are running errands and expecting your children to return home from school.

Enjoy the Ease of Keyless Entry

One of the best benefits of installing smart locks is never having to fuss with keys to open your doors ever again. There is no way for thieves to gain access by traditional ways of lockpicking with keyless entry. You can control keyless doors either by a code or by an app allowing you to open your doors effortlessly. You also benefit from never having to worry about replacing misplaced keys.

Smart Locks Make It Easy to Secure Your Vacation Rentals

When you own an Airbnb or vacation rental, you need to provide access to your renters without being physically there. You can do it from anywhere in the world to ensure your rentals are secure as long as there’s a reliable data connection. You can update the code for every renter to ensure maximum security and peace of mind as they stay at your rental.

They can also provide a measure of security if you are going on vacation or leave your house and forget to lock the doors. Smart locks make it easy for you to access the app and ensure the doors are locked for when you are away from your home.

The Telford Locksmiths are leading experts in smart security solutions, including installing smart lock systems. Are you interested in increasing your security with the latest technological security? Call us for a quote.



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